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KYLE has been an enthusiastic amsoil dealer for over 5 years.  he works through his company, alamo oil, together with his wife, poppy.  KYLE would like to offer you a RECOMMENDATION and a quote for the best lubricants in the industry TO take great care of your vehicles:  MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY, Longevity AND PERFORMANCE.  

                              (210) 430-0626


Kyle was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and has spent plenty of time around tractor pulls, drag races, and motocross. Kyle drove a truck/tractor trailer for 14 years, so he understands what it means to depend on a piece of equipment, and keeping it in top running shape. Avoiding downtime, reducing maintenance, and maximizing fuel efficiency are paramount concerns for any business. Kyle's mission in Amsoil is to help Retailers offer the best quality products to their customers; Commercial clients find the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage their fleets; Preferred Customers get the products they need; and Amsoil Dealers grow their businesses. That's satisfying work! 

Kyle Davis