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Million Mile Trucking Testimonial - Jerry Pruett of Woodhull, IL

"I felt my engine lasted as long as it did because of AMSOIL." When the mechanics removed the cylinder heads, the original hone marks were still visible on the cylinder walls. "The mechanic said the engine was not wearing out; the oil was doing a great job."

100,000‐mile Oil Changes

"Some guys are spending up to $1,200 a year on oil changes when they could be spending half that with AMSOIL," said Pruett. "They're throwing their money away."

Excellent Fuel Economy

He has used AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate (ADF) since day one, which not only helps fuel economy but, according to Pruett, has contributed to the fuel injectors lasting as long as they have. He also keeps AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver (ACF) on hand and uses it when conditions dictate.

Fire Fighters Testimonial


To Alamo Oil's service and the quality of AMSOIL products.

Fire Department Counts on AMSOIL for Performance, Savings

Craig Hamrick of Macomb, IL, has been a firefighter in charge of fleet maintenance for 23 years. "We have used AMSOIL lubricants since 2003 in the fleet," Hamrick said. The department has 11 vehicles and numerous small engines and generators, all running with AMSOIL products. "Our AMSOIL dealer's knowledge of AMSOIL products has helped us select the right products for our needs. Every vehicle in our fleet has AMSOIL installed from front to back."

Oil Analysis Proves AMSOIL Benefits
Hamrick said he was a skeptic of extended-drain intervals when he first was approached about AMSOIL synthetics. However, he soon learned the saving potential of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. The department saves money through the reduction of waste oil generated, as well as on equipment repairs and services, both in time and labor. The department regularly sends oil samples to Oil Analyzers as part of its maintenance program. "The proof is in all of the oil analysis reports," he said. "We can see by the results." AMSOIL lubricants are especially well-suited to emergency services where every second counts.

Jourdanton Police Dept

Jourdanton, TX Police Department Cuts Costs With AMSOIL Products

The (state department) did some extensive research and we follow the same schedule they do," Kaiser said. "For seven years, we have been on a 20,000-mile oil change interval using AMSOIL motor oil and AMSOIL filters. During that time we have experienced zero oil-related engine issues. Our experience has been equally successful in Ford Crown Victorias, Dodge Chargers and Chevy Tahoes. Thanks for making great products that police departments like ours can rely on. We look forward to using AMSOIL lubricants for many years to come."